Tawny House

Foundations complete. Phase one landscape going in.

Jo Yeates' landlord

Brodie was interviewed on BBC radio and broadcast on Points West TV News on 10.12.14 talking about the TV drama on Jo Yeates' landlord.


Earthed: a tale of Bristol's ancient trees

This project will be seeking funding to take it forward. It is a community participation project that we are involved in that inspires people in Bristol to engage further in their local landscapes via stories and events based on ancient trees.

New chartered members of the Landscape Institute

Brodie gave a short talk to new chartered members of the LI, on 20.1.15, at the Building Centre London. It will be summarised as part of a feature in the next edition of the institute Journal, Landscape.

New appointment for Brodie McAllister

Brodie has been appointed to the Board of Bristol Architecture Centre.


The Architecture Centre champions better buildings and places for people. By demonstrating the value of good design they aim to increase public awareness and enjoyment of the built environment and stimulate the demand for design excellence.

Find out more by visiting the Architecture Centre website.